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A brand-new resume written from scratch. Using your existing resume (if you have one) and a 20-minute phone consultation we will:

  • Write descriptive, active, and accurate job summaries
  • Streamline and organize content for maximum clarity
  • Include custom keywords optimized for resume-screening software
  • Offer unlimited revisions to attain 100% customer satisfaction

Are you looking for guidance on what jobs or industries to apply for? Do you need help preparing for interviews? Check out our Career Consultation services!

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How does this work?

Once you purchase the service and receive your order confirmation, we will reach out via email to get a copy of your existing resume and schedule a 20-minute phone, IM or videochat consultation. Receive your first draft in 3-5 business days, and reply within 30 days for additional revisions if necessary.

What does "versions" mean?

If you are applying to several different kinds of positions (ex: social media manager, video editor, or operations assistant) or jobs in multiple industries, we highly recommend you submit different versions of your resume to each field or position. In each version we will tailor job descriptions to present your most relevant skills, employ industry-standard formatting, and optimize keywords to catch the attention of recruiters and resume-screening software. 


What if I have questions?

We are available via email and instant message for resume editing questions, plus phone or videoconference for resume writing consultations. Contact us with questions.